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Blue Moon (f)

I know there are a couple of Harry Potter fans out there....Well, more than a couple!...Just in case anyone also likes fanfic, these are my responses to the latest hp100 challenge...*Smiles*

Title: The Effects of The Mark
House: Slytherin
Words: 100


Draco Malfoy stepped out of the train into the steamy September air, flanked by his cronies, Crabbe and Goyle. They walked, without speaking, towards the carriages, Draco rubbing his left forearm absently.

As they drew nearer to their destination, Draco’s eyes widened as red eyes shone at him through the dark. His heart skipped a beat, wondering if those red eyes belonged to…

But no. Beautiful, almost dragon-like winged horses, with bloodied mouths stood before the carriages. The Thestrals they had learned of last year. Draco stroked his hand along one, grinning into the darkness, before climbing into the carriage.

Title: I Must Remember
House: Slytherin
Words: 100


Severus Snape peered out of the window, his eyes straining to see beyond his own reflection and that of the candle light behind him. He always watched for them, even though they were near impossible to see in the dark night. They drew the guilt carriages like shadows, sillhouette puppets with blank red eyes that pierced the heart, searching for that memory.

“Severus?” Softly spoken, and a hand placed gently on his shoulder.

He grunted in acknowledgement.

“Why must you always put yourself through this?”

Severus’ eyes closed, and his mother’s body flashed through his mind. “Because I must remember.”
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