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Edited by Rachel, at request of Steffero0oz so she has a pretty lj cut!

~Name: Stephanie, but you can call me Steffie =)
~Age: 19
~D.O.B.: 4/2/84
~Home town: Lakeside, California

~Four books that make you think:
+ All Stephen King books. (not so much a thinking thing, he's just my fave author.

~Three films that make you cry:
+ Stepmom
+ Titanic
+ Pearl Harbor

~Two bands that make you dance:
+ Midtown
+ Brand New

~Everyone here is special. What qualities make you truly unique? i can live my life without attention from everyone all the time. everyone i seem to know, is always trying to impress someone.

~A glass, previously full of liquid, has just had half of its contents removed, and has been replaced in its previous position. How would you describe said glass? someone was thirsty, and the glass had to pay.

~Which is the best Winnie the Pooh character? Eyeore

~You're a character out either a TV series, book or film. Who are you and why? (answer all three if you can be arsed) Grace from will and grace, cuz, she's not tied down. and her best friend is a gay guy, how great is that?

~If you were stranded on a desert island and could take one CD with you, what would it be? The Used's

~Suddenly you have the powers of a Greek God(dess), what powers do you have and what would you use them for? to be invisible. who wouldn't wanna be invisible?

~What are your views on:

POLITICS: pish posh
ABORTION: if ya need to
SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE: if you love the person and seriously plan on spending the rest of your life together. go for it.
GAY RIGHTS: right on.

~What was your good deed today? held the door open for some old ppl at applebee's =D

~What would you say is your best quality? humbleness

~What would you say is your worst quality? too quiet

~What was your most embarrassing moment? all the times i fell/rolled down the stairs in high school. >.<

~What was your proudest moment? graduating high school, my WHOLE family was there.

~Do you have any pet peeves? people that need attention 24/7. paranoid people.

~On what do you usually base your judgement of people? how they treat other people, and how they act around other people.

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