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Blue Moon (f)

My Own Boredom Never Ceases to Amaze Me!

The Basics
Full Name: Victoria Stephanie
Nickname: Vicky, Vixy, Cinerelly, Blue Moon
Birthday: November 7th
Height: 5'4-ish
Eye Color: Blue
Natural Hair Color: Brown n mousey
Current Hair Color: As above
School: Neath College
Grade: Just finished first year A level course
Nationality: English
Shoe size: 5
Pets: none
Relationship status: With sketch666 in the most unliteral sense of the word!
Location: Wales
Transportation: Walking, buses and my parents with their car!
Lefty/righty: Righty
Scars: Coupla chicken pox scars
Birth marks: None
Glasses: Only for reading and watching TV
Braces: I've had three!

On Guys/Girls
First thing you look at: Arse! Eyes
Best Quality: Sensitivity and level-headedness!
Boxers or Briefs: Neither! *Grins*...Boxers preferred
Older or Younger: Older
Hair long or short: Long-ish
Rugged or Pretty Boy: Either...I'm not fussy *Grins*
Tall or Short: Short-ish
Dark or Light Hair: Either
Piercings: As few as possible
Facial Hair: NONE!!!
Good or Bad-Boy: Good boy, I'm afraid...I like to be able to take my men home to Mummy!
Abs or Butt or Arms: Butt

Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi
Mars bar or Milky Way: Neither...Gimme Galaxy!
Tootsie roll pop or Blow pop: And in English?
Rainy or Shiny Day: Shiny is I'm in college, rainy if I'm not...I don't like waiting at bus stops in the rain!
Ice-cream or layer cake: ice cream
Movie Theater or Rent: Cinema if I'm with someone else, rent if I'm not
Wake up early or Go to bed late: Go to bed late. Call me nocturnal gal
Devils or Rangers: Wha?
BSB or NSYNC: BSB...I know...It's sad that I know who either are!
Pants or Shorts: Trousers
Short or Long skirt: Long
Bath or Shower: Shower
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Black and White or Color: Colour
Hot or Cold: Cold
Winter or summer: Winter.
Sing or Dance: Dance, while singing if possible...I love doing both
Ocean or pool: Pool
Pool or Hot Tub: Pool
Sunrise or Sunset: Sunset...As I said, I don't do early mornings well
Dressed or Undressed: Nekkid as possible
Go out or Stay in: Stay in...Unless there's free alcohol
Ski or Board: I'll just sit and watch, thanks
Regular wrestle or w/ Mud: MUD!!!
Love or Lust: Lurv
Hard or Soft: Hard *Grinses*
Cats or Dogs: Cats!
High or Low: Low
Read or Write: Write
Kiss or Hug: Huggles
Night or Day: Night
Roller Coaster fun or scary: Terrifying to the point of vomit worthiness
One or Two Pillows: Three!
Male or Female: I'm open to either
Rich and Unhappy or Poor and Happy: poor and happy
Finger or Toe: Finger
CD or Tape: CD
Pen or Pencil: Pen...Preferably a fountain pen
Money or fame: Money
Mustang or limo: Mustang!
Snow or ice: Snow
Billy Madison, Waterboy, or Little Nicky: Billy Madison
7up or Sprite: Neither
Blue toilet paper or white: Peach
Looks or personality: Personability
Will Smith or Kobe Bryant?: Will Smith

Have you ever (feel free to share stories)
Been in love: Oh, multiple times!
Gotten arrested: No
Cried in a movie: Loads
Wanted to hook up with a friend: Don't think so...Although guess my first bf was a friend before we were going out
Taken Drugs: I ate a hash truffle once?....And I got passively high off bong fumes!
Skipped School: yes
Went to a Concert: Yup
Peed your bed: Nope
Been on the beach at night: Nope...Not really a beach person
Ran around outside naked: Yeah!
Done something and not remembered it the next day: I've been told so
Stayed at home for no reason: I had perfectly good reasons...I didn't want to go out, for one!
Watched porn: Yup!
Gone skinny dipping: Yes
Told a secret you swore you wouldn't tell: Yes, but it was only to my Mum, it wasn't to anyone that person knew, which makes it ok in my book
Stolen something: No
Met someone famous: No...But I went to school with someone who later became famous, if that counts?
Been on the radio or television: Yes to both
Intentionally hurt another person: I don't think so...Although I've hit people when I was younger...But I always warned them first
Ate paste: No
Stepped on a nail: No...Just a carpet tack
Walked barefoot in the snow: No
Had a pen explode in your mouth: Yes...Wasn't pleasant
Made up a word without realizing it: I do it all the time
Had sex: Yes
Drank: Oh, yes!
Been drunk: Yes
Smoked: Ick, no!
Been High: as above...passively
Broken a bone: No, touch wood
Had a girlfriend/boyfriend: no/yes
Cheated on a b/f or g/f?: Never
Shoplifted: No
Pissed behind a bush: Ummm...yes...And also behind a bus shelter....But I was desperate!!!
Been stoned: Isn't that the same as high?
Been stood up: Yes...Luckily, I had a friend on tap and just went to the movies with her
Done something so outrageously stupid: Does panicking that you can't find your bus pass when it's right in your hand count?
Purposely gotten in trouble but you didn't care because it was worth it: I'd love to be rebelious and say 'yes', but I can't think of a single occasion!
Kissed anyone: Yes
Kissed more than one person at the same time: That doesn't sound logistically possible to me
Kissed someone of the same sex: Sort of....There were no tongues or anything
Kissed a random person for fun: Yes...Rebound is a terrible thing
Done something "interesting" while playing truth or dare: *Chuckles and tries to count how many people have seen my boobs so far*
Egged a house/ mailbox.. or person?: No
Been so lazy that you watched infomercials on TV because you couldn't reach the remote: Not yet
Prank called someone: Yes
Been pregnant: No

Do you ever
Watch the Home Shopping Network: No...but I did when I was five!
Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself for a prolonged period of time: Not usually
Listen to the Backstreet Boys: No
Dream: A lot
Start fights: No
Wish you were someone else: Not usually
Feel like you're lost: Oh, always!
Feel worthless: Yes
Complain: Yes, but apparently I do it in a funny way!

Do you like
Bugs: Sure
Surprises: If they're nice ones
Company: Sometimes
Family: Yes
Kids: Only for an hour or two!
New things: Again, depends

When was the last time you..
Cried: About two or three weeks ago?
Wore a skirt: Think I wore one bout a week ago
Been sarcastic: I can't remember...These things happen without my knowing
Met someone new: Can't remember
Fought w/ your parents: I don't, generally
Wished upon a star: As above
Laughed until you cried: Yesterday
Made a fool of yourself: Today at work...Wouldn't ya know it!

Random Questions
Were you named after anyone: Apparently an older sister of one of my sister's friends had a baby a coupla weeks before I was born...And they called their girl Victoria....And Mum thought the name was pretty, so I got it
Which finger is your favorite: Middle ;)
If you were making a movie about yourself, would you play you: Whoopie Goldberg...Even though I'm not black!...Or maybe Bette Middler!
Do you like your handwriting: Yeah!
Who are you jealous of: My friend Lisa...Cos I really wanted to keep the birthday present I gave her!!!
What is the 1st priority in your life: Carrying on learning
What is your main goal in life: To be happy...Or at least, not to be unhappy
What is your favorite lunchmeat: Uhhh...Chicken?
Any bad habits: Cracking my knuckles
What store would you never be caught dead in: Don't think there is one
If you were another person, would you be friends with you: No...I'm too annoying!
Do you follow or lead: Both
What do you do to vent anger: Cry
Are you passive or aggressive: Passive
Who is your idol: J.K. Rowling...Not just cos I love Harry Potter...You've got to respect the woman who goes from being a single mother on benefit to being the richest woman in Britain by persevering and following her dream!
Who is your second family: Rhi is like the nice sister I never had!
Do you trust others easily: No
What was your favorite toy as a child: Baby Bear...(Dave will know who I mean!)
What class in school do you think was totally useless: Geography
Do you have a journal: Only an online, silly one
Do you like sarcasm: Muchly
What is your name spelled backwards: ykciV
If you could steal anyone's name, whose would it be: I always loved Juliet!
What do your favorite pair of socks look like: They have Harry Potter making potions on...Mum said it was the closest she could get to Snape socks!
Do you wash your face: I don't, actually!...Although I moisturise it a lot!...The water and soap makes my skin very dry, so I just got out of the habbit....And flannels always smell funny, y'know?
Are you fond of ducks: I wouldn't say I'm unfond
Do spoons make you smile: No...
What's the weirdest thing in your wallet/purse: A photo of Rhi and her ex Kirsty...Weird because I never got on very well with Kirsty
When life gives you lemons, what do you do with them: Make lemon cake and share it with the people I lurv!
If you ruled the world, what 3 things would you do: 1) No more war, 2) People will respect their planet or face the consequence of my wrath 3) fan fiction will become an accepted part of the English syllabus!
Do you have a special someone: I have many special someones
If so who: Mum, Dave, Rhi, Sal, Cez...Many!
If not, do you have a crush: Oooooh, you meant a special someone like that!
If so, who: I don't do crushes
Who is the prettiest/hottest person you know: Legolas is the prettiest!!
Do you like to eat hot pockets: Pardon me?
If so, what kind: n/a
Do you watch a lot of tv: Quite a bit, actually
What is your favorite show: Never Mind the Buzzcocks

If you were stranded on a desert island
Who's the one person you would want to be stuck with: Dave
If you could bring 5 people who would they be: Dave, Mum, Rhi, Sal and Alan Rickman
What 3 CDs would you bring: The two that Dave made for me and The Offspring, Americana
What 3 things would you bring: A CD player (for the CDs), a writing pad n pen combo and my birth control pills, if Dave is on the island!
Do you believe in deja vu: Haven't you already asked that?

Food Questions
Do you like fish sticks: No
If so, do you prefer them crunchy or soggy: n/a...But if I did, I would prefer them crunchy
Have you ever put something into someone else's food: *Blushes*!
If so, would you care to share the story with us: ...
Ever set off a smoke alarm while cooking: No

About your best friend
Their name: Oh, no fair!....OK...Mum-Dave-Rhi
Where do you know them from: Home-LFST-School
What quality or qualities do they possess that you envy: Courage-Level headedness-Constantly fun-loving
What do you think might happen in their future: Will become a world famous card maker-Will marry me and have lots of babies-Will be an artist and live in a basement in Canada!
Do you think you'll keep in touch with them in the future: Yeses all round
What is the first thing that pops into your head when you think about them: Baking-Sex-Alcohol!
Do you think they are attractive: Yes, but not in a scary way-Yes-Yes
An inside joke that you share: I love ya, I miss ya-Cinderelly-Odd campfire chants

Primary Color: Blue
Emotion: Love
Time of day to eat: I graze all day long
Time of day to eat cookies: Morning
Shape of sponge: I ain't a sponge fan
Book from your childhood: The Dark is Rising
Coloring utensil: Paint
Food: Pizza
Drink: Pink champagne
Snack: Chocolate of any variety
Dessert: Chocolate covered marzipan!
Animal: Cats
Holiday: Christmas or my birthday!
Sports: Gymnastics
Store: Wilkinsons
School Subject: English
Cereal: Cornflakes
Book(s): HP, Dark is Rising, The Color Purple
Flower: Lily
Vegetable: Potato (Yes, I know it's a complex carbohydrate - bog off!)
Seasons: winter
Day: Friday
Actor: Alan Rickman
Actress: Whoopie Goldberg
Band/Group/Singer: The Offspring/Steps/Eva Cassidy
Cartoon Character: Lisa Simpson
Song: Build me Up, Buttercup!
Place to vacation that you've actually been: Scotland
Electronic device: My mobile phone
Website(s): The SSFF update page
Movie: I love Chicago!
Number: 7
Card game: Rummy
Pro basketball team: I refuse to answer anything sport related
Pro baseball team:
Pro football team:
College basketball team:
College baseball team:
College football team:

First thing that comes to mind
Money: pay cheque
Prostitution: Kings Way
Gum: Chew
Blue: Beard
Porn: Home-made
Frogs: Spawn
The X-Files: Trash
Girl: Friend
Candy: Floss
Weird: Jake
Santa: Christmas
Hanson: Sad
Duck: Bread
Cookie: More
Rainbows: Auntie Gill

Yes or No
Do you believe in love at first sight: No
Want to get married: Not patricularly
Do you want kids: singular...a kid
How many? 1
Do you like/love anyone at the present time: Yes
Do you eat chicken fingers with a fork: I don't know
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: Yes
Do you type with your fingers on the right keys: Nope
Do you like sleeping: Yes
Do you have anything pierced?: Nothing at all
Do you pluck your eyebrows: My sister forces me to sit still long enough for her to do them sometimes

Which of your friends is..
Is the wild and crazy one: Rhi
Smartest: Me or Rhi
Friendliest: Ceri
Raunchiest: Prolly me
Kinkyest: Cez
Has the funniest laugh: Rachel
Has a dog: Rhi and Lisa
Has a pool: None...But Rachel lifeguards at one
Snorts: Rachel
Snores: *Laughs*...Mum!

Who are your siblings: Bethan, Emily, Dominic and Demian
What are their ages: 29 through 33
How old are your parents: Both are 54
Do you get along with your parents: Yes, but I get along better with my Mum
Do you have any favorite cousins? Anna
Who of your family lives the furthest away: Dominic...He lives in New Zealand
Are your parents together or divorced: Together
Do you have any steps, halfs siblings: All of them are half siblings, but I don't see them as being any different
In your family who are you closest to: Mum...And I was very close to Aunty Gill....Also cloe to Bethan
Do you associate with other relatives: Yes, a lot

More stuff..
Do you like your belly: Yeah
What is your favorite topping on ice cream: Strawberry or cherry
How often do you brush your teeth: Twice a day
What is the craziest thing you have ever done in your life: God, I don't know
If there was one person who is now dead that you could bring back who would it be: Aunty Gill
If you had one wish that would come true what would it be? For more wishes *Grins*
Who turns you on: How long have you got?
What turns you on: Being touched...Anywhere, really.I just like to be touched!
What are your screen names: mossy diggs, AngelicGV, bluemoon02, Blue Moon and Roo
What color is your carpet: Blue
What color is your house: The good ole pebbledash mix!
Is your room big or small: Tiny!
What can't you live without: Love
Who can't you live without: Those who love me!
Would you be lost with out your mom: Most definitely
Would you be lost with out your dad: I'd be confused!
Do you sleep with any thing: Baby bear and Dave if I can grab him!
What kind of tooth paste do you use: Supermarket brand
Worst holiday: When I went to France with my school and got food poisoning!
Why: Being sick in a French market is not something I enjoy, usually
What is your biggest fear: Dentists
Quotes: "All you need is love!"
Your saying: Bog off!
Your word: Vile
The word you say too much: Bollox
Favorite thing to hear: Dave call me his Cinderelly
Favorite thing to say: Oh, screw you!
What you are going to do now that you are finally finished: Check my answerphone to see if any DJs called back while I was whiling away the wee dull hours!
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